What is a girl to wear when she moves to the country part time from the big smoke.
    The main aim is to look like you haven’t given your clothes the slightest thought.
    This takes stealth when of course you adore clothes and cannot bear to dress in the casual manner adopted by country folk.
    Just wear the same I hear you cry but here are the problems

    First problem in the Country is WEATHER
    It seems to be more intrusive in one’s life, nosing its way into your style choices in a rude pushy way, like a labrador searching for scraps.
    Practicality is a dull problem – mud, random jumpy dogs, horse slobber, spilt cider around the bonfire….
    So of course you need an ANORAK
    Tried to get through last season in wool/cashmere Belstaff jacket but, just a bit precious.
    Anything that repels rain is of course repellant in itself.
    Rustling nylon… will scare the pheasants
    Wipe down clothes .. not for the over fives
    Embroidered logos – for me a no-go.
    So what are you left with?
    Well, you are left with my new best friend.
    A Woolrich Parka
    This baby will keep you warm, warm enough to kip in the car overnight after a party.
    It is made of silent stealthy nylon/cotton
    But most important d’accord is the look of the damn thing.
    It has a narrow shoulder and princess seams, fly front, streamlined and flattering.
    It does not have lots of pockets in that faux oh yes really I am a game keeper in my work jacket way.
    It does have the most beautiful, but slightly controversial fur trimmed hood (Coyote fur) who’d have known such a thing existed. Anyone can pop it off if needs must.

    Next problem is THE GROUND – so what the hell do you wear on your feet.

    Think I’ve got day wear sussed ( problem there is mud, and the need to look thrown together)
    Thank the lord for Isabel Marant

    Isabel Marant Crisi with hidden leg lengthening heel. Isabel you rock my world.

    Isabel Marant Crisi with hidden leg lengthening heel. Isabel you rock my world.

    This boot looks slouch casual a bit scruffy, been in your boot room and the dogs have chewed it kinda thing.
    But it has a hidden towny factor, a concealed heel inside, yes lifts, Nicolas Sarkosy styleeeee. Or Elevator shoes as they are called in States.
    So you look nice and casual, but secretly your legs are being lengthened by the hidden heel.
    Evening shoes
    You get invited to a party in the country, now if its a good do they will probably have a ‘crunchy” (Gravel drive to the uninitiated) Or park in a field and troll 5 minutes up the road.
    Would you wear your leather heeled Kirkwoods through gravel? Nah so before you have made your entrance ( country people always arrive on time by the way) you’re in trouble.
    Well I am now on my second pair of Acne Pistols.
    Hoping to find a new solution to this problem before Christmas……

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